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Our specialty: Durable supports for patio

Equally suited for renovations, extensions, new developments.

Now your deck can be completely separate from the frame of your house as it is no longer fastened to its structure but to a beam; a rather simple idea but a far more effective one. This allows you to follow the exterior cladding without damaging or affecting the air flow between them.

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A remarkable time-saver!

Keep your exterior cladding intact with our NamiFix bracket. Secured to the foundation, you will quickly realize the strength of our product. As easy as “Mark – Drill – Secure”, if you have the slightest gift as a handyman, in 30 minutes you’ll be ready to begin constructing a 16 ft deck!




We created a system that simplifies the construction of patio. Developped to reach the highest professional standards, Namifix’s brackets are the solution against water infiltrations to keep your siding intact. Stronger than competition, faster installation and a 25 years warranty, these are exemples of why professionnals choose our system.


The standards we insist on shows our commitment to creating professional-grade units accessible to all. Some of more innovative creations have patents pending and are also protected by an official Industrial Design registration certificate.

Here is the engineering seal for Ontario: Nami Fixation engineering seal

Here is the engineering seal for Québec: Nami Fixation engineering seal

25 Year Warranty

Our beam brackets are guaranteed against design and manufacturing flaws for a period of 25 years under normal conditions of use. These structural supports rigorously adhere to engineering specifications that determine their capabilities and yields when used for the purpose for which they were designed. In order for the warranty to be applicable, their use must comply in every respect with the installation guidelines, instructions and conditions provided. The warranty will not cover damages caused by an improper installation. Normal wear and tear on parts and anchors are not covered by this warranty. The speed of degradation can vary from one place to another, depending on how exposed the brackets are. This warranty is transferable with proof of purchase.

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« Our “100% satisfaction” policy » – 90-Day Return Policy.
Should our products not meet your expectations or needs, no matter the reason, we will refund the full amount with no penalty.

Refund Conditions:
• Item must be returned within 90 days of original purchase.
• Item must be complete and in original condition.
• Delivery charges are non-refundable.
• Customer is responsible for return shipping.