The number of brackets is calculated in beams

For a structure less than 12 feet long: 2 brackets with a maximum distance of 7 1/2 feet between them.
12 to 16 feet: 3 brackets, placing the first in the center and the 2 others at 7 feet apart on each side.
Over 16 feet: just combine the beams to reach the desired length

Ex.: 28-foot structure
1 x 16 foot section (3 brackets) + 1 X 12 foot section (2 brackets)

Place both pieces of wood in the stirrups and follow the instructions “Attach beam to brackets”, below.

If you need to make a junction, it is important to install a bracket on each side of the joint.
This will allow you to avoid wood shrinkage problems after installation as well as movements of the structure that could be caused by vibrations over time.

This type of junction is not recommended for Nami Fix brackets.

Placing a bracket on each side of your junction is much safer.

There is a long list of benefits to be drawn from this system, but here are the main ones:

    • • This solution allows you to leave your exterior cladding intact.
    • • Nos supports créés une frontière protectrice entre votre patio et votre maison contre les infiltrations d’eau.
    • • Our brackets create a protective border between your patio and your house against water ingress.
    • • The brackets are fixed directly to the foundation, which reduces the impact to the building compared to a traditional installation in the wood structure of the house.
    • • Our parts are of professional quality, allow a solid foundation and exceed the life of the patio making it a profitable investment for a very long time.
    • Faster installation, more robust with their engineering seals, our products are a logical and economically sound investment.

If the brackets are installed according to our guidelines, there is no risk of cracking. Simply respect an 8″ concrete clearance. This is applicable to all openings “tops of foundations, windows, doors and edges”. This distance is the minimum required to achieve the load bearing performance of our various brackets and avoid any shearing. See image below.

It is indeed possible to install a wooden capping. What you must remember is that you will not get the clearance that our brackets offers. The installation then becomes more complex if you do not wish to alter the exterior cladding.

Another point to consider, is that the wood leaning directly on the concrete will keep its moisture much longer than if there was a clearance. This will result in faster deterioration and possibly mold and rot that will weaken your structure.

The cost of our brackets is an investment!
You won’t need to alter your exterior cladding. As a result, the installation of our brackets will represent a saving in terms of how long the installation will take.
Should you want to eventually change your patio, the flooring will still be intact.
By avoiding installating on the wooden structure of yours home, you avoid water ingress issues that can cause a lot of damage to a residence. The professional quality of our products allow you to safely enjoy your patio, their lifetime far exceeding that of wood materials.